Party Cans - 5L - Ambrosia Bitter

Party Cans - 5L - Ambrosia Bitter

Party Cans - 5L - Ambrosia Bitter


5.5% ABV

Ambrosia Bitter, Beer of the Gods, is our latest addition to the Llangollen Brewery range. This is a reasonably strong session beer, with a golden colour and a medium white head. It has a malt aroma with a fruity hint and a very mild alcohol note. Ambrosia’s flavour is proving to be very popular with strong caramel undertones, a mild fruity hint and a moderate hoppy flavour with a dry feel. It’s a full-bodied beer with medium carbonation.

Ambrosia Bitter pairs well with foods like grilled steak, chicken, barbecue, and even curry. If you are not hungry it works just as well in a large glass (get the case with a glass included!).

5L party can equivalent to 10 x 500ml bottles.

Please note: this is a live product and because of the filling process the shelf life of the party can is relatively short at 2 weeks.

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