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Here are all of the wonderful craft beers we produce! You will find traditional ales, craft lagers and contemporary beers. Something for every taste, what's yours?

Not a fashion but a way of life for Charlotte, the original victorian 'punk'. A feminist and expert brewer of pale ale and our inspiration.


It's said that Beatnik Bob can sometimes be heard playing the guitar and singing late at night in the bars of Llangollen, long after the locals have left. We hope he finds peace now that we have bought his beer back to life.


It's a stout but with a twist. It's rumoured that the silhouetted dancer can be seen in the dead of night, twisting to the beat of Llangollen's very own Beatnik Bob.


We're redefining lager and we're doing it with style. Mod is as crisp and clear as a frosty morning on the Horseshoe Pass.


MOD X 5.2ABV This is a nice variation on its little sister, with its hoppy kick. Silky smooth like jazz rock in a glass.


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