Craft Lager

A blend of hops combined to produce a light and floral character. This interpretation of a traditional lager is biscuity and quaffable.


A crisp dry clean craft lager with biscuity notes from the malt. Not too hoppy. This is a modern and fashionable lager.


Silky smooth craft lager with its hoppy kick it's like jazz rock in a glass.


Get to know our lagers with this mixed case - 4 bottles of each of our craft lagers.


Try all our lagers in this large mixed case - 8 bottles of each of our craft lagers, plus a glass to enjoy it in!


If you're more of a bitter or ale drinker have a browse of our Traditional Craft Beers and Ales or if you prefer a modern slant you may like to try our premium Contemporary Craft Beers & AlesWe have craft beers to delight all tastes!   

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