Welsh Black Bitter

Welsh Black Bitter

Welsh Black Bitter


5.5% ABV

This flavoursome black bitter from the heart of Wales delights with its roasted malt flavours and the added intriguing hint of chocolate and liquorice. There is a lot of taste that comes out of the beer yet it still finds itself silky smooth and balanced.

Available in 500ml bottle, polypin (5 litre, 10 litre or 20 litre)

What is a Polypin?

A polypin is essentially a bag in a box. The polypin requires no other equipment to make it function other than a glass to serve. It should keep for 3 weeks once opened if kept in a cool dry place whilst not using it.

When your polypin arrives leave it in place without moving it for 24hrs as real craft bitter will have sediment in it. This will allow the sediment to settle. Prop up the opposite end to the tap with a book as this will help get the most from the polypin.



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