Valentine Gift Pack

Valentine Gift Pack

Valentine Gift Pack

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Love is in the air at Llangollen Brewery. Our Valentine beer gift contains 3.2 – 5.5% ABV (alcohol by volume) and 100% PRB (Passion and Romance per Bottle). To secure your extra cupid brownie points this year we have included a Llangollen beer glass filled with handmade beer truffles to take your relationship to the next romantic level. Flowers are so last year, this year give them what you know they want… love in a glass!

We are the first brewery to offer these aromatic, rich and indulgent handmade beer-infused chocolate truffles with Welsh Black ganache in the centre of each truffle. The truffles are enriched with enhanced flavours of our most popular beers. Suitable for vegetarians. Fair trade finest quality Belgian chocolate, organically farmed with 55% cocoa content, no added sugar. The truffles may contain milk, soya, gluten and nuts.

The image is representative only, each pack contains: 

  • 1 x Llangollen pint glass
  • 1 x pack of 6 handmade chocolate truffles in cellophane bag with ribbon

Plus a choice of the following, select from the dropdown above:

  • Holy Grale & Wrexham Borders (Traditional)
  • Grange No 1 & Red Dragon (Traditional)
  • Llangollen Bitter & Welsh Black (Traditional)
  • Steampunk & Beatnik (Modern)
  • Steam Punk & Twist and Stout (Modern)
  • Twist and Stout & Beatnik (Modern)
  • MOD & MOD X (Lager)
  • Mod X & Llangollen Lager (Lager)


ABV and bottle sizes:


  • Holy Grale Bitter: 4.3%, 500ml
  • Welsh Black Bitter: 5.5%, 500ml
  • Llangollen Bitter: 4.2%, 500ml
  • Wrexham Borders Bitter: 3.9%, 500ml
  • The Grange No. 1 Bitter: 3.2%, 330ml
  • Red Dragon Red Bitter: 5%, 500ml


  • Steam Punk: 3.2%, 330ml
  • Beatnik: 4.2%, 500ml
  • Twist & Stout: 5.2%, 500ml


  • MOD: 4.2%, 330ml
  • MOD X: 5.2%, 330ml
  • Llangollen Lager: 4.2%, 330ml

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