Birra Drago

Birra Drago

Birra Drago


Drago Lager is a strong premium lager brewed in Llangollen Brewery by the Almost Heaven Brewing Company. It is a relatively new lager and has a very European continental flavour. It has a golden pallor with aromas of fresh nutty seeded bread. The flavour is citrus with hints of herbs.

This is a strong lager, pouring golden and clear with a crisp, sparkling head. Using only the best ingredients and lager-conditioned for 30 days. For best results, this product should ideally be stored in the fridge to keep the lager chilled.

Case of 12 or 24 with or without a pint glass. Llangollen pint glass included if you order a case with glass.

330ml bottle

Also available in 5L party can.




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